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I often think we believe there is a neutral zone when it comes to being a disciple of Jesus.  The really good disciples, the bad and those in-between.  Luke 6 shows us that from Jesus’ perspective there is no neutral zone. What can keep us in the neutral zone is a wrong understanding of how God sees us when we fail. Jesus’ desire for us is to stand in the inevitable storms of life.  What helps us to stand?

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we are having lunch together after our worship times this Sunday.  We’ll have soup and fresh rolls from the Bakehouse in Port.  So hang around after church for a light lunch and a chance to chat some more.

Also for all the boys and men, a quick reminder to pick up a flyer for the “Warrior for a weekend” on the 29th- 31st of October. This is for all boys and men.

I was inspired after reading an article by well know Australian author Steve Biddulph who was interviewed in the Australian newspaper. The interview was about a book he’s just written called “Manhood.”  Here are a couple of excerpts.

“By almost every social indicator – self-esteem, educational achievement, law abidance – children seem to do better when a father is present. Why is this the case?
Fathers show boys how to be good men. They share the workload. They are fun. They make mothers feel more secure and relaxed. A good man is a huge benefit…if a man is safe and reliable, and willing to learn and try, he will almost always be a plus for his son.
Fathers matter hugely in the development of girls as well, because they give a girl confidence around males.

In The New Manhood you write that whenever a boy seems unmotivated, at home or at school, look to a lack of male role models as the cause. Why do boys become so easily unstuck without good role models?

Because they don’t see any adult that they want to emulate. A well-raised young person is like a collection of all the great people they have spent time with. Peer groups often only really pass on their own emptiness. We need to see people like us, but further along.  You can’t become a good man unless you have spent time around good men.  You can’t learn patience, kindness, courage or even love, unless you have seen it and known it in someone else…..Fathers need to join other fathers, especially when their sons are in their mid-teens, and go camping, fishing, and to the beach. By getting away for a few nights with the kids they will have the opportunity to meet other men who are doing great things in the world like building, healing and teaching. Teenagers can then talk to other fathers and develop ideas about manhood.”

The article speaks for itself.  So this weekend is about having some  great fun, but I hope it will become a regular thing where we can teach our children and where men can input to each other, their own children and to others.  Giving a picture of Christian manhood to those a bit younger than them.

So regardless of whether you have a son or not, are married or not, not matter what your age is I’d really encourage you to come along.

Hope your weeks going well,


Ian Traill is the leader of Traillblazer Ministries CHINA
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I went to a meeting of local pastors at Ocean Grove this morning. It was a great time together. One of those more extraordinary times that occurs in God. I hesitate to say this but it appears that God’s is emerging something new in our region. My caution in saying this is because I don’t want to speak if God hasn’t, but I am hearing and seeing things consistently from a number of people & places that suggest this. Read the rest of this entry »

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