Submit your 52 and watch the Spirit flow through you!

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A postscript from Dave….

After our Sunday morning worship service I had a few people ask me for the “hot house” prayer I read out. I received this last week when I was praying about our church. I hope it encourages you to think through what it means for you to “Submit your 52”

Hot house. It defies the climate–it doesn’t create a new climate but wisely absorbs what is naturally offered, to create a hothouse of warmth and life that defies what is around it. Be my hothouse people.
I have made you to defy what’s around you, to flourish when no one expects life but you must absorb what is offered to you through the source of my Word and my Love.
Some of you are outside the house, you cannot grow there, there is no food. Some of you are in the house but have opened the windows. Close the windows to the world and let the light of my love and goodness warm up your environment, so that in the heat of my presence you can grow the new life I’ve called you to. Then when the seasons change you will be ready to be transplanted, to be established in new places and to bear the fruit of the Kingdom.”