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Sunday 19th September 2021 9:30am

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  1. Welcome and News – Julie starts at 10:53
  2. Worship – Julie and team 21:15, 47:40 & 1:48:10
  3. Interview – Jotham 27:32
  4. Communion – Richard 39:50
  5. Message – Dave – Colossians 3:15 57:02

This is the eigth week in our “Church without walls” series because of our inability to meet in our church building.

There are three segments to todays service.

Click the PLAY button to play the whole service straight through (without the Kids bit) or play the individual videos as described below.


1.   Welcome, News and Interview

Xander brings a welcome and some church news. Dave then interviews Steve’s small group and asks them “What are you learning during this time” (14 minutes)

2a.  Worship and Communion

This week we have a repeat of some worship from our previous few weeks followed by Janet and her grandsons leading us in communion. (26 minutes)

2b. Kids Word for Explorers and Seekers – “Reflections”
Dan and Em bring our kids the Word from the Cubby today!

This weeks topic is about reflecting. (5 minutes)

3.  Phillipa Power – For Freedoms Sake – A message from Colossians

In this third segment of our Sunday online service we continue reading the bible in a year.

For freedoms sake you have been set free. Reflecting on our current lack of freedom due to COVID 19, what can we learn about the things that limit our freedom in Christ? How can philosophies and traditions hold us captive and make us go off track? What do we need to let go of to truly be a church without walls? (32 minutes)

Click the Download Icon to view Phillipa’s powerpoint slides.



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