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This is the second week in our “Church without walls” series because of our inability to meet in our church building.

There are three segments to todays service.

Click this  LINK  to play the whole service straight through (without the Kids bit) or play the individual videos as described below.

1.   Introduction and Testimony

In this first segment of our Sunday online service, Dave gives an introduction and some church news. This is followed by our Youth Pastor Xander interviewing one of our young adults who has recently come to the Lord. (23 minutes)

2a.  Worship and Communion

In this second segment of our Sunday online service we have Dan and Em leading us in some worship then we have Corey and Sarah and family lead us in a special communion. (37 minutes)

2b. Kids Worship and Word
The kids will be doing their WORSHIP and WORD with Colin Buchanan.
After that there are some tasks you can complete while your parents watch the message.
Enjoy! (9 minutes)

3.  The Message

In this third segment of our Sunday online service we continue reading the bible in a year, ACTS 5 and Holly Wood-Burgess, one of our young adults, brings us the message.
“This message is about being God fearing. In this strange time in which I am certain there are many unknowns and fears, I want to share with you all about putting the fear of God first, that is, the awe and reverence of God first, in your lives. I want to encourage you all to prioritise your fear of God over fear of man. I will talk about using God as a constraint against worldly fear and also ask some reflective questions that I hope you take into your upcoming week and beyond.” (28 minutes)

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These are the testimonies given by the people who got baptised today.
Congratulations to Gwen, Georgie, John, Laura and Holly.

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